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Assessment Of Pile Construction Productivity Using Regression And Deterministic Models

   Hanna K.K, Babu S


The installation of pile (drilled shaft) foundations is complicated by an enormous number of problems. They include unseen subsurface obstacles, lack of contractor experience and worker experience, site planning difficulties, pile equipment maintainability, etc. These major problems and other minor ones make it difficult for the estimator to evaluate the Pile construction productivity (duration) and cost. Many variables have been considered in the piling construction Process. Data were collected for this study through designed questionnaires, site interviews, and telephone calls to experts in different construction companies. In this research, two convenient techniques, such as deterministic, and regression were selected to develop productivity model. Each technique relies upon a specific approach that results in different outputs. Regression is a Data Oriented Technique (DOT) because it deals directly with the collected data without considering the process behind these data. Linear regression models are designed and validated to assess productivity and cycle time. Deterministic technique is a process oriented technique (POT) that calculates productivity by considering the factors affecting pile construction. This technique is optimistic and has to be adjusted to be close to real world practice. A productivity index (PI) is developed to interpret the effect of the qualitative factors on the process oriented technique to adjust their optimistic results. In this research a set of charts and models were developed to schedule and estimate cost of pile construction projects using the above-mentioned techniques, comparing their results to the real world practice, and then, selecting the most convenient technique that can give best results.


pile construction, productivity, comparison

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