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Performance Of A FSTPI Fed Induction Motor (IM) Drive System

   Raviteja kumar.T, Prof.Mahendran.M


This project proposes the performance of a 4- switch, 3-phase inverter fed induction motor (IM) drive system for high performance industrial drive systems. In the proposed realization, instead of a usual 6-switch three-phase inverter (SSTPI) a 4-switch three-phase inverter (FSTPI) is used. A cost effective FSTPI fed IM drive using Field-Oriented-Control and Space-Vector PWM controller (with new control SVPWM approach) is implemented in real time. This reduces the cost of the inverter, the switching losses, and the complexity of the control algorithms and interface circuits to generate 6 PWM logic signals. Furthermore, the proposed control approach reduces the computation for real-time implementation. In this paper, the complete vector control scheme for the IM drive fed from the proposed 4S3P inverter is implemented in real-time using digital signal processor for a prototype 1 hp motor. Theoretical and experimental results of the proposed drive verify the robustness of the drive. A performance comparison of the proposed IS3P inverter fed drive with a conventional 6S3P inverter fed drive is also mode in terms of speed response and total harmonic distortion (THI)) of the stator current. And the robustness.


State FPGA-Field Programmable Gate Array, FSTPI- Four Switch Three Phase Inverter, IM-Induction Motor, PWM-Pulse Width Modulation, THD-Total Harmonic Distortion.

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