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Water Purification Process In Remote Areas A More Sustainable Way Using OSEC Technology And An Off Grid Photovoltaic Plant. Application In Cameroon West Region - Haut Nkam Division Locality Of Bankondji

   Ing Blaise Serge Noubondieu Deussom, Prof Andrea Micangeli, Prof Enrico Bocci, Dr Emanuele Michelangeli


The whole scientific community agrees that it is difficult to imagine any form of human life on our planet without water. The greatest challenge that man has always faced concerns access to drinkable water. Following a survey made by the Italian section of WWF in 2003, 6000 children throughout the world died every day because of diseases linked to very bad quality water and sanitation conditions. Nowadays one the main challenges of the scientific community is to design and build equipment suitable for water processing which is affordable for most people living in developing countries, especially people living in rural areas in poor countries. OSEC can be considered today an important instrument for water processing in remote localities. It is affordable and highly qualified personnel are not needed to manage it properly. A renewable energy source is sufficient to produce the electric energy OSEC requires. The purpose of our studies is to demonstrate that in such conditions, when active chlorine used in water processing is produced and used in the place where drinkable water is needed, the whole process becomes sustainable, and therefore does not endanger the local environment.


Extended Exergy Analysis, OSEC, Water processing, local environment, Sustainability

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