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Daily Drinkable Water Available For Everybody Thanks To Two Renewable Energy Sources. Application In Cameroon West Region - Haut Nkam Division Locality Of Bankondji

   Dr Blaise Serge Noubondieu Deussom, Prof Andrea Micangeli, Dr Francesco Checchi, Dr Emanuele Michelangeli


Located at about 15km/9.3 miles away from the main city of Bafang, at about 1,300 m above sea level, Bankondji is a rural community of scattered villages of about 3,500 people. The primary income source is agriculture such as coffee, yucca, and bananas[15]. The average income per Month: ~$60. Bankondji is characterized by a medium rainfall of 2063 millimeter per year The water system that collects and distribute drinkable water in Bankondji has been inaugurated the 16 of April 2016 by senior official from European union and the local government. The flowing water comes from two well containing each a submersible pump. Water processing is made by OSEC(One Site Electro chlorination). Bankondji has a tropical climate with two main seasons [1,2] the dry season, from November to March, with average temperature of about 21.7°C and the raining one, from April to October, characterized by an average temperature of 18.9°C, continuous rainfalls and presence of fog from July to September. In this particular context, what should be the proper renewable energy sources that feed the submersible pumps during the entire year avoiding power interruption?


Water pumping, Water processing and distribution, Photovoltaic plant, Hydro electric Plant

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