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Smart Grid (SG) Technology And Implementation Challenges In Nigeria Electric Power Grid Systems For The International Journal Of Emerging Technology & Research

   Dauda A. Folarin, Japhet D. Sakala, Edwin Matlotse and Mandu A. Gasennelwe-Jeffrey


The Smart Grid (SG) is the electricity system that incorporates digital technology to enhance reliability, efficiency and security of the electric network through dual communication, distributed generation, demand response and computer processing. Nigeria power system is facing problems that result to very slow growth of electricity market. SG technologies have been identified as one of the feasible solutions to surmount the power system barriers. This paper focus on various technologies, driver for adoption of SG, various achievable projects, benefits and possible solution to the challenges that can militates against the paradigm shift to SG in Nigeria’s future.


Smart grid, Challenges, SG Technologies, Driver and benefits

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