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Optimization And Analysis Of Tool Shape And Size Factor In Electrical Discharge Machining Of Al MMC- A Review

   M. A. Mushahid Khan Yusufzai, G. D. Shelake, Dilip Gour


Metal matrix composites are one of the newly developed engineered materials of considerable interest. Metal matrix composite consists of at least two constituent parts, of which one constituent part being a metal and the other part may be a different metal or another material, such as ceramic or organic compound. The most important advantages of metal matrix composites are increased strength, decreased weight, and higher service temperature, improved wear resistance, higher elastic modulus. However, the machining of MMCs using conventional tool materials is very difficult due to the presence of the abrasive reinforcing phases, which cause severe tool wear. The greater the reinforcement in a composite the faster is the tool wear. Thus non-traditional machining like electric discharge machining (EDM) can be used to perform the precision machining of MMCs. The project uses EDM for machining of Al-MMC having different percentages of SiC & varying different parameters of EDM machine


Electro discharge machining, metal matrix composites SiC.

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