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Field Survey for Identification of High Oil Yielding Accessions of Jatropha curcas L. from Shivamogga District, Karnataka

   Rajeshwari Nanjappa, Kavya Muduvala Rudrachar, Bhargavi Manganamakki Krishnappa, Ramesh Babu Harohalli Nanjegowda


Field survey to the Jatropha growing taluqs of Shivamogga was undertaken to study the climatic conditions prevailing in those areas followed by collection of seed accessions from surveyed areas. About 200-250 fruits were collected from 15 places representing seven taluqs of Shivamogga. Fruits were processed and about one kilogram of seeds were procured from each place which were labeled as accessions. Fifteen accessions were tested for germination and oil content after storing them in polyethylene bags for two months. Results revealed the hindrance of mycoflora on faster rate of germination and high oil content ranging from 32.9 to 41.9% from the seeds of Esuru having moderate rainfall and temperature with black soil.


Jatropha, Oil content, Shivamogga, Storage, Germination.

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