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Empowering Girls in the Community for Fostering Their Mathematical Ideas Through Girls Facilitation Class in Kailali District of Nepal

   Dr. Bed Raj Acharya


This article is the exploration of empowering girls in the community for fostering their mathematical ideas through girls' facilitation class. The purposes of this study were to assess the Pedagogy used by mathematics facilitators to facilitate their facilitation classes, to explore the adversities faced by teachers and students to conduct girls’ facilitation class and to examine the Possibilities of girls facilitation class in the context of Nepal. I adopted qualitative design to describe the realities. I observed classroom practices of two schools of Kailali district of Nepal and took interview of my participants to achieve the research objectives. From the analysis and interpretation of data, I concluded that Pedagogy used to the girls facilitation class is student center. The student and facilitators face adversities due to lack of parent’s awareness, low economic condition of students who engaged their household work to fulfill their daily needs. Lack of motivation and counseling there is misunderstanding to study mathematics. On the top of these adversities, these classes are providing new opportunities for learning and empowering the girls in mathematics education. So, this girl facilitation classes are relevant and possible to apply in the context of Nepal to enhancing the girls' education.


Empowering, Community, Fostering, Girls facilitation classes, Mathematical ideas, Facilitators, Possibilities, Adversities, Pedagogy.

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