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To Evaluate Risk Of Diabetes Mellitus By Extending Association Rule Summarization Techniques
Authors : George Antony Jasmine.D, S.Vinod - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 155

What Went Wrong With Local Government Revenue Administration In Tanzania?
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 180

Recovery Of Failure Data In Data Integrity Checking With Erasure Code & Replica Server Management System
Authors : K.S.Arun, S.Chandra Sekaran - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 170

UAV Design For Security Monitoring
Authors : ONONIWU G. C., ONOJO O. J., CHUKWUCHEKWA N., ISU G. O - Nigeria
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 173

Recommender System for Social Networks using Twitter to Report Natural Disaster Events
Authors : JayaPrabha.M, ChandraSekaran.S - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 149

Energy Consumption Trends In Smallholder Tea Factories In Kenya
Authors : Inoti John Mwenda, Kamau Joseph Ngugi, Kiplagat Jeremiah - Kenya
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 154

A Review Of The Effect Of Harmonics Due To Switching Devices In The Field Of Power Electronics & Its Applications
Authors : Rajesh Maharudra Patil, Dr. M.S. Nagaraj, Dr. P.S.Venkataramu - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 136

Transit Time Based Low Powered Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Authors : Sharveya P. Bhise, Suhas L. Kalantre, Suraj D. Nigave, Payal Mantoo, Prof.Dr.D.K.Shedge - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 144

Secure Smart Grid Meter- Using NTP
Authors : Bhavika Raut, Vrushali Kadam, Asmita Nikam - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 85

Highly Available Wordpress Setup On AWS Cloud Using Varnish And NginX
Authors : Niharika Mungale, Parthvi Parekh, Prachi Tarwade, Surbhi Tibrewal, Mamta Bhamare - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 90

Mobile Learning Models: a Review
Authors : Oludele Awodele, Greg. Onwodi, Adeyinka Adekunle, Olutayo Ajayi - Nigeria
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 42

Frequent Pattern Mining Using Weighted Regular Expression Constraint
Authors : Dipak R. Kawade, Kavita S. Oza - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 48

Speed Control of BLDC Motor Using Buck Converter
Authors : J.Rajeswari, R.A.Senthikumar, S.Vinith - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 28

FPGA-Based Data Acquisition System With Rs 232 Interface
Authors : Thirunavukkarasu.T, Kirthika.N - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 42

Location Knowledge Based Channel Assignment For GSM
Authors : Ashraf Gasim Elsid Abdalla, Marwa Abdeen Abdulwahab Alawad, Marwa Abdulrahman Ali Fedil, Hassn Abdulmonem, Waiel Alkher Shoeb - Sudan
Full-Text Abstract


JMX Based Metrics Collection and Monitoring of Java application
Authors : Manoj Sakhala, Supriya Jahagirdar, Shradha Baranwal, Pratik Magar, Prof S. Karande - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 15

A Non Isolated Boost Converter Based On Three State Switching Cell And Voltage Multiplier Cell For High Power Applications
Authors : Umabharathi M, Janani B, Bhuvanesan P - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 15

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