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Tackling Epidemiology Problems Using Big Data Analytics
Authors : Vineet John, Sonam Verma - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 222

Natural Bioremediation Of Nickel (Ni) And Zinc (Zn) In Coal Mine Effluent Using Bacillus Megaterium And Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
Authors : Samiul Islam Hazarika, Dr Sivagurunathan Paramasivam, Sailen Talukdar, Karabee Dutta - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 224

Attitude And Opinion Of Customers Towards LG Electronic Products
Authors : Ashish Kumar, Poonam Gupta - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 190

Analyzing Significance Of Parameters For Assessment Of Contextual Variations Among The Slums; A Case Study Of Bhopal, India
Authors : Ajay Kumar Vinodia, Dr. Sanjeev Singh, Dr. Yogesh Garg - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 191

A New Methodology Of Multi-Object Tracking In The Image Processing World
Authors : Chaitra J Gowda, Pavithra G., Dr. T.C.Manjunath - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 170

Pivoting Entity-Attribute-Value Data Using Map Reduce For Bulk Extraction
Authors : Augustus Kamau, Waweru Mwangi, Stephen Kimani, Richard Rimiru - Kenya
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 189

FPGA Based Implementation Of An MIMO Communication System
Authors : Saran M.L., Dr. T.C. Manjunath, Subiya Yaseen, Harsha K. - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 218

An Implementation Scheme for Software Project Management with Event-Based Scheduler using Ant Colony Optimization
Authors : Roshni Jain, Monali Kankariya, Ashwini Jadhav, Dhanvantri Kharade Patil - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 217

Cyber Security of Smart Grid System
Authors : Devendra Singh Kushwaha, Dr. Vikash Kumar Singh, Shaibya Singh - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 173

Automobile Monitoring Using Wireless Event Data Recorder
Authors : R.Lakshmi Devi, S.Lieze, C.Manoranjitha, P.Marinet Niveditha, K.Ponmani - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 183

Determination of Optimal Replacement Policy of Commercial Vehicles in Mass Transit Companies
Authors : Michael O. Oladejo, John A. Amoka - Nigeria
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 137

Web Usage Mining In E-commerce Security
Authors : Devendra Singh Kushwaha, Dr. Vikash Kumar Singh, Shaibya Singh - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 163

Experimental Determination Of Magnetic Saturation Factor For A Better Survey Of A Single-Phase Induction Motor Performance
Authors : Peter M. Enyong - Nigeria
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 148

Effect Of Portable Voltage Regulators On Nigeria Power Supply System: The Auchi Polytechnic Experience
Authors : Peter M. Enyong - Nigeria
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 120

Designing of Compact Vertical Distribution Substation
Authors : Professor Aziz Ahmad, Tamur Kiran, Iqbal Alam - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 147

A Game-Theory Approach for Detecting Malware in Delay-Tolerant Networks
Authors : Jayalekshmi.S, Jebakumari.M - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 118

Let The Sunshine Peep Into Metabolic Syndrome
Authors : Rose Mary Jacob, Vatakencherry, Saraswathy L - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 131

Cooperative Tracking And Position Detection For Non-GPS Mobiles
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 157

Development And Testing Of A Disc Actuated Briquette Production Machine From Sugarcane Bagasse And Other Agricultural Wastes
Authors : Agidi Gbabo, Samuel Alake, Andrew Ndudi Efomah - Nigeria
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 29

Utilisation Of Carrot As A Flavouring Ingredient In Ice Cream
Authors : Denzil Dias, Suneeta Pinto, Sunil Patel, HiralModhaand SmithaBalakrishnan - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 20

Lab VIEW Based Smart Home Intruder Detection System
Authors : Navjot Singh, Neeraj Khera - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 22

High Temperature Superconductors
Authors : Palkin Sharma, Nipun Sharma - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 0

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