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Enhanceing Access To Education Through Mobile Learning
Authors : Onwodi Gregory - Nigeria
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 165

User Authentication based on MFCC Algorithm and Multiple Indexed OTP-Generation Methods
Authors : M.Poonkodi, Ananya Srinivasan,Bhavana Tumma,Srividya Ramaswamy - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 180

Prediction Of Liver Disease (Biliary Cirrhosis) Using Data Mining Techniques
Authors : Onwodi Gregory - Nigeria
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 177

Knowledge And Self Reported Practice On Diabetic Foot Care Among Diabetes Mellitus Patients
Authors : Arya M.A, Shali Mol U.S - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 191

Nonlinear Analysis Of Rectangular Laminated Plates Using Large Deflection Theory
Authors : Osama Mohammed Elmardi - Sudan
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 343

Android Mobile Application for Learning Bahasa Melayu (Malay Language) for Primary Students
Authors : Hamizan Binti Sharbini, Chiu Po Chan, Noor Hazlini Hj Borhan - Malaysia
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 190

Characterization Of Edge Rounding And Material Removal Rate Of Brass And Aluminium Materials Using Vibratory Finishing Technique
Authors : Gopakumar.R - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 168

Estimation of Induced Compaction by Tractor Tyres on the Soils of Teaching and Research Farms
Authors : P. O. Ajewole, K. E. Elegbeleye - Nigeria
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 113

Optimization Of Medium And Physical Parameters For The Bioproduction Of Gibberellic Acid By Submerged Fermentation Using Gibberella Fujikuroi At Shake Flask Level
Authors : Umesh Luthra, Aditi Trivedi, Sneha Khadpekar, Apoorva Shetty, Harish Kumar - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 128

Automated Tumor Segmentation In MRI Images Using Spatial Fuzzy Clustering
Authors : Sridevi Mani, Jaya Thangappan, Vijayalakshmi Pichamuthu - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 91

Adaptive Wiener Filter Based Speech Enhancement
Authors : D.Koteswara Rao, DVR Mohan - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 9

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