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Gprs Based Home Automation
Authors : R V R Prasanth Kumar, N V S Saaketh, Venugopal.P - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 94

Compact HMSIW With Coplanar Waveguide Mobile Antenna For Wireless Application
Authors : L.Naveed Ahamed Sayeed, A.S.Palani Vel, K.R.Mahesh Kumar, R.Murali Prasad, Dr.H.Umma Habiba - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 104

Perspective Of The Status Of Agricultural Mechanization In The Bihar State
Authors : Mrinal Verma, Dr. Ashok Tripathi - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 81

Secure And Cluster Based Data Transmission For Vehicles Using VANETs
Authors : S. Geetha Bai, Dr.T. Kantharaju - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 64

Design, Development & Analysis of Cycle Trail Application
Authors : Aakash Bal, Oaj Gokhale, Shubham Vispute, Apurva Vispute - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 55

Dynamic Capacity Allocation Algorithm For Mobile Wimax Network
Authors : Mogtaba Abdulmalik Babkier Saad, Dr.Ashraf Gasim Elsid Abdalla - SUDAN
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 33

Vibration Damping Using Viscoelastic Material A Review
Authors : Mr. Viraj B. Patil, Dr. Eknath R. Deore - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 40

Order Of Certain Classes Of Analytic And Univalent Functions Using Q-Ruscheweyh Derivative
Authors : P.Nandini, S.Latha - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 36

Optimization Of An Acoustic Enclosure For Diesel Generator Set Using Experimental Field Data Based Model
Authors : R. R. Askhedkar, J. P. Modak, A.V. Vanalkar - India
Full-Text Abstract

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