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In Vitro Micropropagation from Apical bud Explants Culture of Night shade (Solanum nigrum L.) A Medicinally Important Plant
Authors : Parvathi.D, Venkateshwarlu. M Anitha Devi.U, Ugandhar.T - India
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3-D Mesh Network-On-Chip Architecture Optimization Using Smart Shortcut Links
Authors : Vaishali Sodani , Naveen Choudhary - India
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Downloads: 33

Hpcelastic, A Paas Level Elasticity Model For Automatic Resource Allocation And Deallocation For HPC In The Cloud
Authors : Kalyani Sudame, Manas Pandit Shanti Upase, Siddhi Yatnalkar Prof. N.D. Kale - India
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Downloads: 14

Study The Effect Of Surface Treatment On The Mechanical Behaviour Of Natural Fiber Composites
Authors : Prabakaran J, Gopal S, Kannan K, Ramesh P, Palanisamy S - India
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Downloads: 9

Business Intelligence Appraisal of the Customer Dataset Based on Weighted Correlation Index
Authors : Nethravathi P.S, K.Karibasappa, Prathibha M.N - India
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Osmotic Stress On Tobacco, Tomato And Arabidopsis- Its Effect And In-Silico Analysis With Special Reference To WRKY Gene
Authors : Chaitali Roy - India
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