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Cloud Data Integration Service For Information Retrieval Using Data FederationConstrained And Unconstrained Melting Of Phase Change Material Inside The Spherical Capsule
Authors : G.D.Shinde, P.R.Suresh - India
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A Survey On Hardware, Sensor And Algorithmic Approaches To Traffic Signal Scheduling
Authors : Vivek Vasudevan, Vaibhav Bhat , Sushmitha M, Manisha Trivedi , Rekha GS - India
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Downloads: 59

Development of Hand Gesture Recognition System for an Effective HCI
Authors : Santosh Choudhary, Dr. Naveen Choudhary -
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Downloads: 3

Human Facial Emotion Recognition System Based on PCA Feature
Authors : Mr. Nitin V. Narkhede, Priti Subramanium - India
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Downloads: 41

Design of a Four Valve Cylinder Head for a Diesel Engine
Authors : Deepak.R.Marigoudar, V.Dhummansure - India
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Downloads: 32

Factors Influencing Construction Project Performance
Authors : Reenu M S, Rajeev Kumar P, Babu S - India
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PSO Optimized Fuzzy SMART Based MCDM ANS Algorithm
Authors : Aleksandar Tudzarov, Goce Stefanov - Macedonia
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