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Empowering Girls in the Community for Fostering Their Mathematical Ideas Through Girls Facilitation Class in Kailali District of Nepal
Authors : Dr. Bed Raj Acharya - Nepal
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 33

Assessment Of Pile Construction Productivity Using Regression And Deterministic Models
Authors : Hanna K.K, Babu S - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 50

Performance Of A FSTPI Fed Induction Motor (IM) Drive System
Authors : Raviteja kumar.T, Prof.Mahendran.M - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 34

Water Purification Process In Remote Areas A More Sustainable Way Using OSEC Technology And An Off Grid Photovoltaic Plant. Application In Cameroon West Region - Haut Nkam Division Locality Of Bankondji
Authors : Ing Blaise Serge Noubondieu Deussom, Prof Andrea Micangeli, Prof Enrico Bocci, Dr Emanuele Michelangeli - Italy
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 30

Influence of EDM Process Parameters on Surface Roughness and Machining Time using JIS SCM420 low alloy steel by Response Surface Methodology
Authors : Komal Jahagirdar - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 33

Planning,3D Modelling and Analysis of School building using Autodesk Revit and Robot Structural Analysis
Authors : Kurupudi Mounika - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 20

Daily Drinkable Water Available For Everybody Thanks To Two Renewable Energy Sources. Application In Cameroon West Region - Haut Nkam Division Locality Of Bankondji
Authors : Dr Blaise Serge Noubondieu Deussom, Prof Andrea Micangeli, Dr Francesco Checchi, Dr Emanuele Michelangeli - Italy
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 15

Smart Grid (SG) Technology And Implementation Challenges In Nigeria Electric Power Grid Systems For The International Journal Of Emerging Technology & Research
Authors : Dauda A. Folarin, Japhet D. Sakala, Edwin Matlotse and Mandu A. Gasennelwe-Jeffrey - Botswana
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 13

Optimization And Analysis Of Tool Shape And Size Factor In Electrical Discharge Machining Of Al MMC- A Review
Authors : M. A. Mushahid Khan Yusufzai, G. D. Shelake, Dilip Gour - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 18

Field Survey for Identification of High Oil Yielding Accessions of Jatropha curcas L. from Shivamogga District, Karnataka
Authors : Rajeshwari Nanjappa, Kavya Muduvala Rudrachar, Bhargavi Manganamakki Krishnappa, Ramesh Babu Harohalli Nanjegowda - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 12

Self-Healing Systems: Through Autonomic Computing
Authors : Arbind Agrahari Baniya A., A. Vanathi - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 168

Increasing The Reliability Of The Recognition Of The Objects In Digital Images And Telemetric Systems
Authors : Mammadov R.G., Aliyev T.Ch, Imanova U.G. - Azerbaijan
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 13

Encoding Emotions In Drones Enhancing Human Drone Interactions
Authors : Debayan Aich, Chandra Prasad Mishra, Divakar K.M. - India
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 14

Consensus Control of Linear Multi-Agent Systems under Time-Varying Network Topologies
Authors : Jian-Hui Liu - China
Full-Text Abstract

Downloads: 4

Design, Development And Fabrication Of Manually Operated Multinozzole Pesticide Sprayer Pump And Seed?s Sowing Equipment
Authors : Niraj Bandewar, Dhiraj Bhagat, Suhas Sadar,Nirmal Chavhan - India
Full-Text Abstract


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